Porterhouse Steak with Salsa Verde Recipe

How to Make Porterhouse Steak with Salsa Verde


  1. Wash all the herbs and pat dry with paper towel. Roughly chop all herbs finely
  2. Season Porterhouse steak with salt and pepper, place griddle pan on stovetop on high heat. Once pan is hot, grill steak for 4 mins on one side, turning steak over to cook for a further 3 minutes for medium, place steak onto a tray allowing it to rest.
  3. While steak is cooking, create salsa Verde:
  4. Dice onion set aside. Peel garlic. Pat dry gherkins and dice finely. Add herbs. In a bowl combine all the ingredients for salsa Verde and set aside.*
  5. Cook desired seasonal steamed vegetables in a steaming pot. Once cook toss into a bowl season with salt and pepper and olive oil.
  6. On serving plates, place steamed vegetables, grilled steak and drizzle salsa Verde with a spoon over the top of the steak and serve straight away.

*TIP: If preferred, you can use a small food processor to mince the herbs, onion, garlic and gherkins.

RECIPE: Courtesy of Virginia, ALDI Test Kitchen