Spanish Chicken Stew with Chorizo and Olives Recipe

How to make Spanish Chicken Stew with Chorizo and Olives


  1. Trim chicken thighs and cut unto large cubes. Keep in fridge until ready to use.
  2. Place a heavy-based, lidded frying pan over a medium-high heat and add the oil and chorizo. Cook for 3 minutes or until it colours slightly. Remove and set aside, keeping the oil in the pan.
  3. Combine the flour and pinch of salt and pepper together in a mixing bowl (you can also add additional seasoning here: paprika, garlic powder, etc). Add the chicken and toss to coat completely. Turn the heat up to high and add the chicken to the frying pan. Cook for 5 minutes or until well browned all over.
  4. Remove the chicken from the pan and add the onion, garlic and capsicum and cook until fragrant. Add the tomato paste for a minute, then add the paprika. Stir.
  5. Return the chorizo and chicken to the pan. Add in the potatoes, tomatoes and olives.
  6. Add the chicken stock and bring to the boil. Place a lid on, reduce the heat to a simmer for 35 minutes or until the chicken is tender.
  7. Remove the lid and cook for another 10 minutes to allow the sauce to reduce.
  8. To serve, garnish each bowl with chopped parsley and serve with chargrilled sourdough.

Tip: You could replace chicken thighs with chicken drumsticks.