Veggie Burger with Mushroom Bun Recipe

How to Make Veggie Burger with Mushroom Bun


  1. Cook microwave rice according to packet directions and cool. In a large bowl place eggs, chopped mushrooms, onions, walnuts, LSA, garlic, spices and sauces. Add the cooked and cooled brown rice and mix well to combine.
  2. Form 6 burger patties. Place panko crumbs in a shallow dish and toss the patties in them to coat.
  3. Heat olive oil on medium heat in a large, shallow frypan and cook burger patties for 2-3 minutes on each side. Cook in batches until all burgers have been cooked through.
  4. While burgers are cooking, heat a separate grill pan on medium-high heat and spray with a little olive oil spray to prevent sticking. Grill the mushroom ‘buns’ for 1-2 minutes on each side, just to heat through.
  5. To assemble burgers: Prepare the burger toppings of chopped tomatoes, baby spinach leaves and grated carrot. Place 6 of the grilled mushrooms buns onto a platter as the base, then place a burger patty onto each mushroom bun. Top each one with the desired toppings. Season with salt pepper. Top with sauce and add coriander garnish, if using. Top remaining mushroom buns.
  6. Serve immediately with a lime wedge to squeeze over burger patty.