Qukes® Baby Cucumber Boats Recipe

How to Make Qukes® Baby Cucumber Boats


  1. Cut Qukes® in half lengthways. Using a teaspoon, scoop out a little flesh from the centre to form a ‘boat’
  2. Shred the chicken (you will need approx 1 ½ cups). Combine chicken, mayonnaise, carrot, celery and chives. Season and mix well.
  3. Place cucumbers cute side up on a board and spoon chicken mixture evenly among them.
  4. Cut cheese slices into 8 x equal triangles. Sandwich 2 together and stand upright in the chicken mixture, to form the sail. Repeat with remaining cheese.
  5. Serve immediately

TIP: shave the bottom of the cucumber to create a base and stop them falling over.

RECIPE: Courtesy of Perfection