Roasted Mushroom and Vegetable Stock Recipe

How to make Roasted Mushroom and Vegetable Stock


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (160°C fan-forced). Place the mushrooms, celery, onions, leek, carrots and garlic onto 2 flat baking trays and toss with the olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and slightly coloured.
  2. Tip the roasted vegetables into a heavy-based saucepan and cover with 1.5 litres cold water. Add any remaining pan juices to the pot.
  3. Add the thyme, parsley, bay leaves (if using) and peppercorns (or cracked pepper) and bring to the boil. Turn down to a gentle simmer for 45 minutes or until richly coloured and flavoured. It will reduce by up to a third. Season to taste with salt.
  4. Place a piece of muslin cloth into a strainer and strain into a large bowl. Or use a double strainer, to ensure no impurities come through the stock. Allow to cool.
  5. To store: Ladle into jars or freezer containers. Freeze in ice cube trays or small, feeezer-safe, snap-lock bags.

Tip: For a lighter stock, try using raw vegetables rather than roasted. Avoid using starchy vegetables (like potatoes, pumpkin, etc) as they make the stock cloudy.