ALDI Corner Store.

It’s like a regular ALDI. Only a bit smaller. And a bit closer. It’s super convenient. With fancy bread, meals to go, lattes, piccolos and so on. Ok so maybe it’s not exactly like a regular ALDI. But it’s still good. And it’s still different. And the prices are still low.

Savings are just around the corner.

The new ALDI on the block may have cool new treats like artisan baked goodies, barista made coffee, fresh sushi, sandwiches and salads. But it’s still an ALDI at heart.

Packed with top quality groceries, fresh produce, meat, fancy cheeses and Special Buys™ at ALDI prices. Drop in and try a bakery treat, grab a go-to meal, or visit the OzHarvest 'Juice for Good" vending machine to juice your own fresh orange juice. Plus we have convenient self-checkouts. 

It’s even got earlier opening hours (Monday to Friday 7am, weekends 8am), giving you time for a prework power shop. Or Special Buys™ run. How convenient.

Pizzabot - Aussie ingenuity is turning dreams into reality: Introducing Australia’s first pizza robot

ALDI Corner Store customers in North Sydney will be part of history in the "baking" with the launch of Pizzabot, a first of its kind robotic vending machine serving up restaurant-grade pizza in just two minutes.

In collaboration with Bondi start-up Placer Robotics, Pizzabot is the first pizza vending machine to be designed and manufactured in Australia, and will debut exclusively in ALDI Corner Store in North Sydney. 

North Sydney customers looking for a fast, fresh, and delicious bite to eat will be amazed by Pizzabot’s Pepperoni and Italiana pizzas priced from just $8.99.

Pizzabot - how it works

Pizzabot uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients – including buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, gourmet salami and 48-hour rise dough. The custom oven, which reaches temperatures as high as a wood fired oven with digital precision, guarantees the perfect crispness, taste and look of each slice, every time. Watch the video. 

The Pizzabot vending machine is not owned or operated by ALDI Stores and ALDI Stores is not supplying or selling any pizza from this machine. Please contact Placer Robotics Pty Ltd for inquiries or issues.

North Sydney Corner Store
99 Mount St, North Sydney
NSW 2059

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 7am - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday 8am - 8pm

Range and prices may vary by store.
ALDI supports the responsible service of alcohol. It is illegal to purchase alcohol for people under 18.