Our Stores

What are you doing to encourage social distancing and hygiene in your stores?

We have implemented a series of measures for the safety of our store employees and our customers. This includes PPE for all employees, 1.5 metre floor markers, clear screens at the registers, trolley wipes and restricted customer limits in all stores. We also encourage customers to use contactless payment where possible.

What are you doing to encourage social distancing around the Special Buys™ area?

Occasionally, heightened anticipation for a particular product has attracted more customers at once than usual, resulting in large lines. We ask our customers to remember to keep at least 1.5 metres apart from each other at all times, both in and outside of our stores.

I haven’t seen your employees wearing any PPE, how are you protecting them?

ALDI Australia supports all safety measures recommended by State and Federal Governments, including the mandatory use of masks where applicable. For the safety of our employees and the community, we have provided face masks for all employees working in our stores. Washing hands regularly or using hand sanitiser will also offer more protection against COVID-19 than wearing gloves. However, we have made them available for those team members that wish to use them.
The wellbeing of our team members and customers is our priority, and we have taken extra measures to protect them. This includes:

  • Perspex barriers at the register
  • Increased social distancing communications in store
  • Increased cleaning routines
  • Delivery of more cleaning supplies and hygiene products for our store employees

Will ALDI remove the surcharge so more people can opt to PayWave and limit potential contamination?

We understand the growing preference to use PayWave. However, PayWave transactions attract some merchant fees, which is why they incur a 0.5% surcharge when used at ALDI. We prefer to give you the choice rather than inflate our prices to factor in the cost of the surcharge. To avoid the surcharge please insert your credit card or debit card into the EFTPOS machine and practice good hand hygiene before and after use.

Local Communities

Is ALDI planning to support any charities, especially given your record sales over the last few days?
Nationally, we support some incredible charities, including Foodbank and Oz Harvest. Our support for these charities and others will continue and we’re always considering new ways we can help good causes that matter to our customers.


How can I apply to work for ALDI?
We currently have a range of temporary vacancies available across ALDI, anybody wishing to apply can do so via the following link: https://www.aldicareers.com.au