Why don't I receive a catalogue in my letterbox?
ALDI delivers catalogues in areas close to stores. However, our delivery structure means unfortunately some suburbs miss out. You can always pop in to your nearest store to pick one up or log-on to www.aldi.com.au and view the catalogue online. You can also register your email address and have supermarket specials emailed to you.

I have registered with ALDI online and provided my email address, but have not received anything back.
You will need to allow a short period while your details are recorded and the information sent to you. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, there could be an issue with your spam filter control settings. Please edit your spam control settings or contact your Internet Service Provider to do this. After this, you will need to enter your email address once again.

Why are ALDI stores all over the city and not in many country areas where they are needed, as there is very little in the way of competition for larger supermarkets in these areas?
Our Property Team is constantly on the lookout for new store locations both in the city and the country. It is just a matter of the right site being available at the right time. If you think you may know of a location that could be suitable, see our property opportunities page.
I observed an ALDI truck which was not driving safely. Who can I tell?
ALDI values safe driving by our drivers. Please contact our Distribution Department via our customer service. See our Customer Service contact details.